Oechsle Display Systems

Oechsle Display Systems

Showcard Stand

Showcard stands helps you to present your messages more clearly.

Cardboard Clamp

Present your product categories, pricing or special discounts in more elegant with Cardboard Clamps.

Show Card Frames

present you quick message or your flyer in an elegant way with show card frames and holders

Ceiling Magnet

easy to carry and mobilize ceiling magnetic hooks for displays

Fastening clip

The Classical Showcard frames have been produced in traditional quality made of high- grade unbreakable plastics.

Square hanger

roof hanging square hook with a various shapes and capacities.

Application for cans

Being specialized in can making, we are equipped to produce and supply all type of can components

Plant stick

Personalised Gardening herb sticks - Engraved Gardening Set , Gardening bamboo plant supporting sticks,plant supporting stick for gardening